Feb. 16th, 2017

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Here we are in the middle of winter. Time for another update. I have been working on my training for the Spartan Race in August. I've been going to the gym regularly and attending yoga classes, mostly on Mondays. Last Wednesday I accompanied my friend to my first guided meditation at the Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple. I very much enjoyed this and am looking forward to going to more sessions. I enjoyed discussing the topic of the evening which was "Freedom". There were many good perspectives to take into consideration. The Monday of last week I was in a "half-moon" position and I over-arched my back too far which caused my lower coxic area to come out of alignment. I've been working with my physical therapist and today a chiropractor and acupuncturist to help get this situation resolved. I came down with a sudden flu/cold Monday night, Tuesday morning. I didn't go to work Tuesday or Wednesday because I have been feeling so crummy.

Tuesday, however, was Valentine's Day. I don't normally celebrate this Hallmark holiday. But, I was asked out on a "non" date. A friend of mine recently went through a break up and he asked me if I wanted to go with him to a show that he had tickets for. He came over early and gave me a massage and then took me to dinner, Pho, and then we went to the show. The "Mystery Box Theater" where stories are told by story tellers on the topic of sex. This performance had 5 story tellers who all had very different personal stories from fairly funny and mundane to disturbing and/or kinky. One performer had a story about her struggle with "herpes". This one resonated with me and I felt myself identifying with her. Another performer had a story about his life and his crash course in dominance. This was an emotional story that allowed me to understand how the behavior can be learned and emulated. All in all I had a lovely time... but I was still sick. I called in to work the next day as well.

I've been enjoying traveling more. I have completed my first McMennamin's Passport. What this means is that I now get a set of concert tickets and three free hotel nights at any one of their hotel locations. I'm excited to be able to have some little asset built up. I'd like to use it for a fun evening out with a partner on a nice vacation type trip. It's pretty awesome that they accept dogs at their locations. There is a per day non-refundable fee for each dog though. And I am running on fumes financially. I'm contemplating selling some of my stock so that I can get a good price for it before the economy busts again. How long will bank stock be up? If I do, it will give me a little more wiggle room for getting another job.

I'm not REALLY happy working for Nautilus. Don't get me wrong, I like the company. I like the people. I don't like the work I'm doing. I'm more of a hands on and keep moving kind of person. What I'm doing now is call center work. I'm in front of a desk tethered to my phone for hours upon end. I am not an essential player. I don't have a well defined role other than "pawn". I'm not really needed. I'm not feeling the love to come to work every day. So... I'm looking elsewhere.

I'm writing this with a head cold and I'm not totally with it. I think I sound like I'm just rambling. Perhaps so. But, that's okay. At least I'm making an attempt at putting words to paper. I'd like to be able to read about things I did 10 years ago by reviewing my journals. The only way I can do that is by actually writing about them. I fear that I'm going to lose my memories as I age. I already have a tendency to "forget" things. So... write them down....

I've been a bit out of focus lately. My friend gave me some more information on the Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple's Full Moon Meta Guided Meditations every full moon. I'd like to add this to my spiritual routines. I've been feeling a disconnect on a spiritual level. Perhaps it's time to reconnect with the mother and ask her for some guidance.

I've been helping another friend every week by administering his testosterone shots for him. In trade he has been working by performing reflexology or reiki. We have been having supper and also watching an episode of a BBC series called Poldark. Very awesome period drama. We are only 5 episodes in at this point. I believe there are 2 full seasons out to watch now. Gives us something to do together that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. He recently lost a job and I'm on a lean budget.

My romantic relationships have been a bit strained with scheduling conflicts and distance. Friend 1 is way too far away and is looking for work. Friend 2 I have no idea what she's been up to. She doesn't even seem to want to reach out to me. I've been the only one reaching out for months on end. After 16 years though, I'm sure we just need some good re-connection time. Maybe I'll use a room night up in the Seattle area with her. And Friend 3, well, he's just a different story altogether. Warrior, Friend, Lover, Education partner and Spiritual partner? This is not the best arena to tell stories about him as he reads this.

Hmmm... anything else to update on? Nothing else that I can think of right now. I'll just sign off for now. Until later...


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