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101 Goals - Day 767/1001 - My Goal List - Started July 17, 2014 end April 13, 2017

These last four weeks have been filled with getting ready for the next stage in my life. I am moving to the Portland, Oregon area in September. I have undergone what I like to call a "purge". I have accumulated so much stuff since moving to Michigan. I can't believe that I have been here for five years. Time flies. My mother came up from Indianapolis this weekend to see Heather off and to take Ian shopping for college stuff. My mother spoils him rotten. So much stuff. I'm tired of having so much stuff. I'm looking forward to having a yard sale Labor Day weekend. Hopefully I can earn enough to get me by for a while. I have some furniture that I can put out that will bring in a few more dollars. I need to sell two vehicles. A 97 toyota camry and a 2005 ford explorer. Both have issues. Hope I can sell them. I need to vacuum and detail them this week so I can get them listed by Friday. Lots to do. Ian wants me to go with him tomorrow to buy his books. I think it's sweet. He said he was disappointed in me because I am leaving for Portland so soon. He wants me to stay until he is done with his first year of college, just in case. I'm so ready to not have to worry about him every day. I am proud of the young man he has become. I know he will succeed. He also has his grandmother close by if anything happens that needs attention right away. I need to be closer to Heather and to my friends and family. Soon. Judis will be here September 11th. I will finish packing and we will be on the road as soon as possible from that point on. 21 days. 3 weeks. It will be here before I know it. I have been pining for the Pacific Northwest for years now. The time is finally upon me. Nervous and excited. I'm going to step into a whole new phase of my life. Pick up and move. I can do it. I got this. I've wanted this for so long.

1 reactivate lj account
2 maintain lj updates at least 2 separate days per week (1/143)
3 come up with 101 valid goals (in progress)
4 continue to not smoke cigarettes - Quit date was 11/15/14.
5 return to school to get my bachelors degree (graduated 5/14/2016)
6 apply for 5 scholarships/grants for 2015 school year (0/5)
7 finish bachelor’s degree in 5 semesters finished in 4 semesters
8 maintain at least 3.0 gpa each semester (4/4) GPA 3.9275
9 improve sleeping habits
10 maintain wheat free diet
11 be true and honest with myself
12 work on self esteem issues
13 find a mental health counselor
14 get thyroid meds regulated
15 loose 50 lbs. current weight 255 - current weight 243 7/25/16
16 taekwondo classes 2x per week - stopped for school 9/2015 - resumed 7/2016
17 install lighting in bedroom
18 install switches and lighting in pantry
19 install plugs and lighting in garage - 4/2016
20 insulate garage walls - 7/2015
21 tape and mud drywall upstairs
22 texture drywall upstairs
23 paint drywall upstairs
24 address water in garage when rains. 7/2015
25 finish closets upstairs x2
26 install new handrail on stairs - rail purchased
27 install 1x8 on ledge above stairs
28 research plumbing requirements for 2nd bath - rough plumbing quoted 10/2015
29 create bathroom upstairs
30 install new flooring downstairs main room
31 level out the front yard
32 go bicycle riding 2x per week May - October
33 go at least 1 night per week without viewing/posting to social media -
34 backup and organize my music files 1/2016
35 backup and organize my photo files 1/2016
36 backup and organize all other files 1/2016
37 create an emergency preparedness kit and plan BOB created 10/2015; updated 5/2016
38 attend red cross training for cpr & first aid
39 save enough money for 6 months bills
40 call grandmothers every week
41 Complete 1 year in band 2 years completed
42 Play the bass clarinet 1st chair
43 Practice the FlyLady habit of the month (currently Swish & Swipe)
44 Go through All my things and get rid of anything I haven't used in 2 years or isn't heirloom/sentimental. - purged clothing 7/2016
45 plant lilies in the south ditch Lilies planted, but didn't survive the winter.
46 remove 3 dead trees from yard
47 take legal steps to assume property to the north
48 Go to bed by 12:00 for 1 weeks (0/52)
49 Save for and purchase new to me car outright.
50 achieve red belt ATA - currently green
51 Plant/Harvest ghost peppers
52 Save & label seeds for next years planting. 8+ vegetable plants. (1/2)
53 Get small tiller for 2015
54 Get new push mower - got a riding mower instead 3/2016
55 Establish a mow free ditch system for in front of house (plants, mulch, ground cover?)
56 Establish craft room/extra bedroom. Bed, dresser, shelves, sewing table, radio, extra lights.
57 Install flooring upstairs, on stairs, & in pantry - Installed 10/2015
58 Repair back door. Needs to close properly.
59 Install lighting in pantry
60 install insulated vegetable grow area in garage for winter starts
61 Install heater for addition - using electric oil heaters
62 Breathe
63 make the Dean's list All 4 semesters - 5/2016
64 garage sale extra stuff in garage - 8/2015
65 get new brush roller for Kirby - Replaced Kirby with a Rainbow
66 take foreign language Spanish or other French? Manderin?
67 get a new laptop - 9/2015
68 listen to the Hicks/Abraham album given to me
69 complete SBDC counselling and start business
70 save $10,000 for move
71 move to Portland
72 spay & chip Pepper
73 run a 5k
74 memorize 4 ATA forms
75 learn to kayak
76 go on 10 hikes
77 learn to rappel
78 learn spanish
79 learn french
80 learn basics of knotwork
81 learn basics of suspension
82 learn bow-staff
83 compete in a triathlon
84 practice more meditatin
85 learn to fire a rifle
86 learn larger caliber weapons
87 practice ax throwing
88 learn more about the history of Grim
89 Learn and practice tantra
90 sort garage
91 sort kitchen
92 sort craft room
93 sort bathroom
94 sort back closet
95 sort electronics
96 sort linens
97 sort shed
98 service bicycles
99 get piece for roof rack
100 install auto parts
101 yard sale

Date: 2016-09-02 02:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You finished your list! Cross off #3. And you might as well cross off #77 because if you can walk you can rappel. It's really easy, but you should still "learn" how to do it because it's also really fun. I think this may be another way you're going to inspire me, because I think my life would be more fulfilling if I had some goals. You continue to make me proud, how cool is my best friend?


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