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Since the middle of October I have had a goal to run in the Portland Spartan Race in August 2017. I have been training separately and with a friend. I have made a commitment to work out in the company gym at least 4 days a week during my hour lunch. I've also started logging my water intake on the fitbit app. The fitbit has been a fun tool to use to automatically track my exercise and record my sleeping patterns. I have a goal to sleep at least 7 hours per night. My average for the week is 6 hours and 18 minutes. I also have a daily step goal of 10,000 steps per day and an exercise goal of 5 days per week. My work is starting a fitness passport program and I weighed in last Wednesday at 218.8. There is a weekly weigh-in on Wednesdays that I will record my progress on my fitbit as well. My weight really hasn't changed much in the last 2 months. I'm hovering right around 220 since mid November. The good thing though is that my size is changing. I can visibly tell my muscles are getting larger. Looking in the mirror today I noticed that my belly now has dimples around the belly button. My apron is starting to get a little smaller and I can see more of my lady bits. My left calf is still giving me issues. I've been going to physical therapy once a week for the last few weeks now. It seems to be helping it overall, but I'm not clear yet. Any jogging I do I am supposed to wear compression sleeves on my legs. At first this felt rather silly. They are like wearing knee high socks and remind me of my childhood. But after I used them, I now see why this is becoming a popular thing to do. The compression really does help. I'm looking forward to running in the Shamrock Run in Portland on March 19th. I've been warned by a few people that this race is generally held on a miserable wet north-west winter kind of day and to be prepared for cold and wet running conditions. I've also been told this is one of the most heavily attended races in the city and people and teams have a ton of fun. I look forward to my first race. My gym workouts are now incorporating cardio and strength training. I'm working towards the goal of being able to climb a rope. I've never done this before. I've also never been able to do an unassisted chin up. I'm going to need to be able to do these for the Spartan. I've been working with a machine to do assisted chin-ups and dips. The beginning of December I was at a 185 lb assist. I'm now working with a 150 lb assist. Not bad. Progress, little by gradual. I just gotta keep doing it and stay focused on what I need to do. I've been trying to be mindful of what I consume. I've been drinking more and more water. I'm still having a hard time with not drinking a daily low-carb monster and coffee. I'm struggling with reading. I went to the eye doctor and was given the option to do have surgery now or later. I have a Posterior Polar Cataract which poses some issues in removal as the cataract has adhered to the membrane that separates the lens from the gel inside of the eye. If the cataract is removed, the membrane ruptures and requires an artificial barrier to be placed between. This can be a tricky procedure. So, anyhow, lots going on. I thought an update was overdue.


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