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My life has been a whirlwind of change. These last few months I have been continuing to challenge myself physically. I've been exercising regularly at the gym and have trained for and ran not only a 5k fun run, but a 10k. I have very mixed emotions about these accomplishments. While I recognize them as being something that the average Joe doesn't do, I don't feel that my running these events is all that special. There were a LOT of people at these events. I am not unique. Awesome. You ran a 10k, but so did all these other people. I felt especially not special when an older woman with obvious osteoporosis passed me. I am super proud of myself for continuing to rise to the challenge. My next goal is to run the Spartan race in August. I've been hitting the gym a lot harder this last week. I'm really feeling the crunch of the event looming over my shoulder. I will push aside my fear and prepare for the event. I have been thinking about re-posting my 101/1001 list which has expired. I have a certain wonderful man in my life who keeps asking me about this list. This is no easy task for me. It too will wait for another night for tomorrow I have an interview with Portland Center Stage. It'll be posted soon.
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